Known Issues

This is a list of known problems in our Apps. We are actively working on resolving them. Updates are posted on the App's page.


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Support Form

Are you experiencing problems using an App? Please fill out the form below, and provide a detailed description of the problem, so that it can be fixed as soon as possible. Please also read the instructions for sending a crash report below if your application crashes.

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Submitting a Crash Report

Crashed app message

If the Application is crashing, please make sure you send the report to Apple. Apple will forward all crash logs to us, so we can get a good understanding of what happened in the App at the time of the crash. This is vital when hunting crashing bugs. To send the report to Apple, click "Report..." once you see the above popup.

Crashed app message

It is important, that you fill out the "Comments" field. Please state what action you were performing when the application crashed. If the crash is happening again and again, please provide steps to reproduce the crash.

e.g. "Crashed when renaming a file when in shuffle mode and with many songs in playlist. Steps: 1. Import files 2. Switch to shuffle mode 3. Rename file in finder."